Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back from My Blogcation

I've taken a long vacation from blogging this past month, longer than I intended really, and now I have a backlog of new work to show you! During April I was busy with a few special orders. I had fun working on one order that used a lot of Terra and Ivory, two of my favorite glasses.

Here are some photos of the beads from that order. The first set is etched but the Terra stayed shiny. (I think if you click on these photos you can see an enlarged view, and then you can really see the detail in the crackled Ivory!)

Terra and IvoryTerra and Ivory
These are made with Vetrofond River Rock and silver foil:River Rock and Silver Foil
Some Triton leaves:Triton Leaves
and some Triton beads with Ivory scrolls:Triton with Ivory Scrolls
I'll be back again soon with more news and photos.
Happy May!


angelinabeadalina said...

Welcome back! I'm loving the big fat ivory scrolls on the triton-- very nice!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Karolen, I couldn't tell these were glass! They're dead ringers for trade beads made from horn or bone. They must have a really pleasing solid heft. My compliments on some stellar work!

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)

Karolen said...

Thanks Dave and Angelina!
Interesting comments, Dave. I think it's the way the Ivory glass has a 'crackled' look that really makes it look like something organic.