Saturday, November 8, 2008

My First Beads

Stashed in an old "Whitman's Sampler" chocolate box, back in a forgotten corner of my bead closet, I recently came across the first beads I ever made:My First BeadsThese are from my first beadmaking class in 1997 at Snow Farm in Massachusetts. I'm glad I still have them. Now that I look at them all these years later, they're not half bad!

If you are interested in lampworking classes, glassblowing, or other kinds of craft classes, and you're anywhere near New England, I highly recommend Snow Farm. It's art camp for grown-ups! The setting is a beautiful old New England farm, complete with rolling hills, a pond, and barns that have been transformed into classrooms and studios. Don't pack a lunch, instead sign up for their healthy and delicious home-cooked meals and eat in the dining hall with your fellow art campers!


one-eared pig said...

I love looking at people's first beads!

Karolen said...

Thanks one-eared pig! I do too!
Anyone else have pictures to share?

Patty said...

Karolen - thanks for sharing! I've recently "reconnected" with my first beads, and hope to share them too on my blog.

Bosphorus Glass said...

Your first beads are gorgeous Karolen. I really mean it!!!
I still keep the first bead I made and use it in my phone charm. It's a tiny white bead with red dots. I still remember that day and how much fun it was :)

Karolen said...

Cool, Patti, I look forward to seeing them! :-)

Thanks Ilknur! I'll never forget making those beads either!