Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I have a heart bead to show off, but this time it's one that I didn't make. It was made by my boyfriend Steve, and he gave it to me for Valentine's Day!
Silver Plum Heart Bead
The heart is made with Silver Plum and a special transparent red and black stringer in the center.

These are some Silver Plum beads I've made recently. This is a set in progress, "pipes" and "jumbled up wire":
Silver Plum Pipe Beads
Happy Day everyone... back to the torch!


SueBeads said...

Just out of curiosity - is your boyfriend a beadmaker, or is this a first time thing just for you? Very nice and cute and what a special thing to make for you!

Karolen said...

Hi Sue!
Steve has been making beads for about a year. It's something he does for fun now and then. I thought this heart bead was an incredibly skilled piece of work. I personally never would have come up with a heart like that. It's so creative I think!

I'm so happy he gave it to me, otherwise I had plans to steal it from him! :-)