Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Silver Plum

I've been on a kick lately with a glass called Silver Plum. That's what the industrial-looking bead in yesterday's post is made with. Silver Plum looks just like metal to me. Eons ago when I used to fabricate silver jewelry, I was always trying to get a look like this from the silver through reticulation and oxidizing. One of my favorite things to do was pile scrap silver pieces in a kind of interesting pattern and melt them together in an organic, industrial kind of way, like a random pile of scrap metal that happens to be junked together in an interesting design.

Here is an example of a bead style I've been working on lately, made with blue-green Kronos and "riveted metal end caps" of Silver Plum:
Kronos and Silver Plum
This is an off-mandrel Silver Plum donut:Silver Plum Donut Bead
This is the first Kronos-Silver Plum bead I made, and it's still one of my favorites:
Kronos and Silver Plum bead
Off to the torch!


angelinabeadalina said...

Karolen, I'm sure you'll knock their socks off in Tucson-- everything I've seen of yours is just gorgeous! I like the silver plum for end caps!

Karolen said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence for Tucson, Angie, and for the nice compliments! :-)